Everyone knows BuzzFeed but in case you want similar websites, don’t worry because in this post we present more than 23 BuzzFeed alternatives.

Best Buzzfeed Alternatives
Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Imgur is one of the world’s most widely used image storage services, in part because it’s Reddit’s pretty girl. You just have to add the photos you like the most to get an address with which to share it.


  • You can create a profile and upload your own images.
  • Create your own photo gallery under a subdomain.
  • Categorize your photos in different albums.
  • You have the possibility to configure the privacy of your photos.
  • Share your albums directly from the website to your social media.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

PopSugar, an online celebrity news site, has an audience of more than 41 million visitors a month. PopSugar’s audience is made up mostly of women, many of them ready to buy as it offers a lot of review content, apart from providing the latest world news.


  • The page offers content of all kinds (celebrities, beauty, fashion, etc).
  • Give freelance writers the ability to write for them.
  • The page is very well organized by category and its home page is colorful and attractive.
  • The page is updated daily.
  • The page offers an app for iOS devices.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

If you are fed up with mainstream media with the same news, Quartz is your place. In addition to the web, it has an app that tells you as if it were a WhatsApp chat what has happened in the world in a very creative way. Definitely, Quartz is a good BuzzFeed alternative.


  • The page offers a very clean and tidy home page.
  • You will find a section where it will take you directly to the news features.
  • You can subscribe to receive the latest news in your email.
  • The page offers news about technology, science, politics, etc.
  • The company offer work in different areas.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Not everything was going to be outright current news. For lovers of fashion, gossip and everything that surrounds celebrities in general is Go Fug Yourself.

A website different from the others of this same subject due to its contents, themes, forms of headline, etc. On this page you will not get bored.


  • Find the latest news from celebrities.
  • The page offers a section of books.
  • The content is written in a very entertaining and funny way.
  • In its Shopping section, you will find items to buy.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

We all need a minute of disconnection and easy laughs. For that there are websites like Funny or Die full of humorous content to get you a simple laugh. It is a well-known page in America with a video and text type format.


  • Offers a community for registered users.
  • You will find a section where to buy accessories and shirts.
  • The site is well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Allows content to be shared on social media.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

What started as a blog is now a social platform that has become the sixth most visited site in the world. Reddit allows users to upload their content and the rest of the community can vote for or against the publication. The more favorable votes it has, the more visible it will be to the rest of the users.


  • You will find images, forums, comments, memes and gifs.
  • Publish your own content and gain popularity.
  • It offers the opportunity to visit Reddit from different countries.
  • Users can buy coins to reward posts.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Live video is one of the trends of this decade. Explore.org is an example of this since it shows a lot of videos specialized in nature and animals in real time.


  • It is possible to watch videos in real time from the PC or your mobile.
  • Offers content on animal life and nature.
  • Offers a blog and press section.
  • It is a site that can be used by educators.
  • Find what you need in its search bar.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This platform is very well known. Here you will find content about different topics like art, design, etc. Get ready to make your own content viral.


  • Includes material related to art, design, animals, travel and food, etc.
  • It has multiple categories like Trending, Latest, Features, Art, Photography, and Entertainment etc.
  • The platform allows its users to publish their own content.
  • Offers content voting, quick posting and sharing, etc.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

It is a popular entertainment platform with more than 70 million users worldwide to enjoy the latest news and viral material.


  • The platform offers all kinds of the latest trends in entertainment, news, sports, celebrities and technology, etc.
  • Allows you to share your content easily.
  • The platform also has a conversation option that allows you to communicate with other users on specific topics.
  • The site is organized by content categories.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is another good alternative. In this website you can spend a lot of hours reading content, having fun with funny videos, memes, etc.


  • Users can submit content to the platform and get paid through the monetary points system known as eBones.
  • The site features buttons for listening to quotes or phrases spoken by celebrities.
  • It is a simple, fast and pleasant online platform.
  • This platform allows its users to upload their own fun stuff to get real feedback.
  • Has a collection of movies and flash games.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is another BuzzFeed alternative. This is a platform that offers forums, blog posts, funny content, game news, and etc. The platform is specially designed for those who like to read the latest trends.


  • You can publish your own content by creating a profile for yourself.
  • It is completely free to use and you can access it anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • You will find multiple categories.
  • It offers regular updates with tons of images, video, and writings.
  • You can comment on articles, receive push notification, vote option, etc.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is another BuzzFeed alternative because here you will find funny content and you will get to know what is happening in the world. Here you will read content about celebrities.


  • It offers a blog service for those who want to get something extra.
  • It consists of several categories, and each category also has several options.
  • You can subscribe to inform you about the latest news.
  • The platform produces content in multiple formats, such as images, videos, and text.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Fubiz.net is a site that publishes daily articles and video content on the latest trends. It is one of the best sites like BuzzFeed with a user friendly interface.


  • Find multiple categories to explore such as Culture, Music, Celebrities, Politics, Technology, and many others.
  • You will find videos and articles to read.
  • It has an advanced search box to quickly find your favorite article or video.
  • Find a massive collection of high-quality photos that you can freely download and share.
  • Publish your own content.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Upworthy is a platform for viral content. It seeks to promote stories related to political and social issues.


  • Find videos and articles about current affairs in its different categories.
  • The platform is periodically updated with news.
  • You can leave your opinion in different posts.
  • It is a very simple platform to navigate.
  • Get the latest news in your email.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is an entertainment platform that publishes content in different categories such as sports, news, fashion, relationships, travel and fitness, etc. The company describes itself as a modern blogging platform for photo stories.


  • You will find anything that is viral, trending and newer.
  • It offers content in multiple formats such as images, videos, and article writing, etc.
  • It offers a powerful search bar that allows you to place the title or the tag to discover new stories.
  • Read regular updates on its content, sharing, etc.
  • It is free to use and offers support for different languages.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is a comedy blogging website. The platform offers funny content in videos, photos and text where shows a lot of grammar mistakes.


  • It is regularly updated with new content.
  • It allows your users to send and share their own posts.
  • It offers videos, texts, funny images, games, memes, and Gigs.
  • Allows you to vote for your favorite images.
  • It offers a simple and friendly interface.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is another online entertainment platform that contains trending information from around the world.


  • The platform covers multiple topics consisting of various options like entertainment, sport, culture, design and style, etc.
  • It is an easy platform to navigate.
  • It offers content in video, images and text.
  • Provides a search bar for those who want to get the specific post.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

In this platform you will also find fun, viral and trending topics. Have a great time with funny memes, videos, funny quotes, articles, etc. The platform also, allow users to create their own content and then share it.


  • You can interact in comments and earn points.
  • The platform offers different categories of content.
  • The platform is updated daily.
  • Its interface is very easy to use.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

AcidCow is a free platform. It is a bit different from other platforms because we could say that it is much simpler than BuzzFeed. You will still find funny and viral photos.


  • It is a simple, fast and easy to understand platform.
  • It allows your users to quickly publish, explore and share content.
  • Join their community by creating a profile.
  • Find content according to its categories.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to BuzzFeed? TheOnion is here. This American platform produces articles on national, international and local news. He also posts trending and viral topics to appeal to global and youth audiences.


  • You can sign up to receive the daily news.
  • It is a free and easy-to-navigate platform.
  • It offers different categories including sports, politics, opinions and videos, etc.
  • Offers a section where you can buy unique items.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Do you want to have access to viral content? Cracked is for you. Here you will have some fun by reading the latest posts.


  • The page includes blogs, videos, forums, a writing workshop, and much more.
  • The website contains all the viral material from around the world.
  • You will find podcasts and live performances by Michael Swaim, Daniel O’Brien and Cody Johnston, etc.
  • Includes multiple categories.
  • It offers a simple and friendly interface.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

Their official website closed but they have their YouTube channel where they upload comedy videos, however, you can visit this website to see more about them https://signup.dropout.tv.


  • It consists of various categories, including comics, movies, life, WTF, politics, and food, etc.
  • They have their own items for sale.
  • Offers a monthly membership to watch new episodes weekly.
  • Your page adapts to all device formats.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is another one of the best alternatives to BuzzFeed. On this platform you will find trending news worldwide. This entertainment page offers videos and articles accompanied by interesting photos.


  • You will find different categories that include science, culture, etc.
  • Simple platform to navigate.
  • It offers trending topics in the form of videos.
  • It is a free site and requires no registration or subscription.
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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is a website based in the United States, focused on how emerging technologies affect culture, economics and politics.


  • It is regularly updated with news.
  • Allow you to register to receive the latest news.
  • It has multiple categories like Business, Science, Videos, Culture, etc.
  • You will find podcasts and events.
  • You will find coupons and discount codes for your purchases.

25.- Amusing Planet – Buzzfeed Alternatives

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Best Buzzfeed Alternatives

This is a platform for those who want to find, read and share interesting articles. Here you will find every day stories about countries, art, culture, etc., which you can freely access. Its style is different from BuzzFeed because here you will not find funny stuff but entertainment content.


  • The interface of the site is quite simple and easy to understand.
  • It has a search box where you just need to enter title name, tag or other similar things to find your topic in a second.
  • It does not require registration or any personal data to read.
  • The articles are divided by country.

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